Kane Allen Brown was born October 21, 1993, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Tabatha Brown and an unnamed father.

His mother is white, and his father is black and part Cherokee, though he has said in interviews that he didn't know he was biracial until he was around seven when he started experiencing racism for the first time.

While his father has been incarcerated since 1996, Kane was raised by his mother, and they sometimes became homeless, moving between cities in Georgia before settling in Tennessee.

During his childhood, he attended many schools, including Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe High School, where he sang in the choir with American Idol runner-up Lauren Alaina.

Like Alaina, Brown decided to audition for both American Idol and The X Factor, but while he was chosen by The X Factor, he dropped out after the producers tried to put him in a boy band.

Following that experience, Brown decided to start uploading cover songs online, which is what kickstarted his career.

Considered to be the future of country music, Kane Allen Brown is a singer who first gained attention by covering popular songs on social media.

Since starting his career in 2014, he has gone on to release three studio albums, two of which were certified platinum, fourteen singles, and three music videos.

Kane has no plans to retire from the music industry anytime soon and is expected to continue releasing new music for many more years to come.

As of February 2024, 's net worth is estimated to be $6 Million.


Kane Brown quickly became a sensation in the country music scene and earned millions for his unique sound and musical ability.

While Kane could easily retire and live comfortably for the rest of his life, he has no plans to give up on his passions so soon and is expected to remain in country music for many decades to come.

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As of February 2024, Kane Brown's net worth is estimated to be $6 Million.